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In Marketing We Trust is a global team of experts, working together to solve tough marketing challenges.

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Our Story

We’re a global digital marketing agency obsessed with finding better ways to improve your digital marketing performance.

We used to be a client and couldn’t find an agency we could trust to deliver results, so we decided to build that agency.

In Marketing We Trust was born from frustration. We knew we could create a better experience and that’s what we’ve been doing since 2013. We do this by providing you with access to better skills and experience but also through close collaboration with you and your team.

We do what you want a digital agency to do, but we do it in a completely different way.

Our story is just starting, you can be part of it.



50% of the most valuable 12 companies in the world trust us to get results.

Our Values

Trust is central to our values. It’s in our name and our DNA.

We don’t sweep problems under the rug. We believe in constructive feedback when it’s needed. If your marketing isn’t performing as it should be, we’ll tell you and we’ll give you the data to prove it.

Get Sh*t Done

Focus on output. Focus on value. Done to a high standard is better than undelivered perfection.

Curiosity & Creativity

Figure out how things are working, then find better ways to deliver better outcomes.

Independently Together

Be independent in your work but always go beyond to deliver as part of your team.

Humility & Honesty

Be realistic about what can be achieved. Keep yourself and your teammates honest.


Focus on honouring your commitments and be reliable. Trust is of the essence.

Our Executive Team

Frederic Chanut

Managing Director

With more than 10 years experience in strategic online marketing for brands, Freddy is responsible for the strategic and operational management of In Marketing We Trust.

Paul Hewett

Commercial Director

Paul has more than a decade of agency management experience, working with brands to create marketing campaigns that work, blending insights from data with creative thinking and application.

Cecilia Cebada

Client Services Director

Cecilia utilises her management skills to make sure work gets delivered on time and on budget while keeping the client’s needs as her top priority to ensure their success.

Maria Ursente

People Operations

Maria is an experienced HR Professional specialising in Talent Management, with a background in Behavioural Psychology and a passion for Change Management.

James Bardsley

Head of Data

Data specialist on Expedia Group accounts and general nerd on a few other accounts. James likes computer programming, breaking big datasets down into smaller, more sensible datasets and petting cats.

Benoit Weber

Head of Analytics

Web digital analyst and data aficionado specialising in Google products such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, & Data Studio. Always up to new challenges. "If the world could be made of tags, Ben would be the happiest of them all."
Selina Gough - Head of Growth

Selina Gough

Head of Growth

With an extensive background across all facets of digital performance channels, Selina has collaborated with some of Australia’s largest brands to align their business objectives with strategic digital tactics.

Kirsty Tanner

Editor in Chief

Kirsty looks after all things content marketing and PR at In Marketing We Trust, specialising in evergreen content and SEO. Passionate about content and believes it's the most important aspect of online marketing today.

Team Culture

There is an old saying that culture eats strategy for breakfast. As a people business, we know this is true and it drives us to build a strong and purposeful culture.

At In Marketing We Trust we are one team striving for digital excellence and optimum performance. We work hard together, we play hard together and we advance together.

Our culture is one of excellence and accountability which attracts the best team members and the best customers. We’re proud of our culture and the value it delivers for our people and our customers.

Trusted Conf.

In Marketing We Trust is a globally distributed company, so we have to take a different approach to most things — our company conference is no different. 

Trusted Conf. brings together our best data, digital and marketing minds from all over the world for an immersive week of knowledge sharing, collaboration and problem solving. 

Each year we fly our team to an exotic location and invite leading industry thinkers from organisations including Google and Supermetrics to join us for knowledge sharing, innovation workshops, live briefs and micro-adventures. 

Trusted Conf. is unique because it focusses equally on the success of our company and our customers’ brands

IMWT in Numbers


Digital specialists








Years of combined wisdom


Years on avg. in industry

10 Billion+

Rows of data analysed last year

US $70 Million+

Client revenue generated last year

1 Million+

Messages over Slack last year

Employee Testimonials

Team Experience

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